Bee Puzzled is released!

For two years me and my college Emily worked on an iPhone game together, and now it is done and ready for download in App Store!

Bee Puzzled is a new type of game: a combination of Snake and Tetris. It uses the mechanics of both games wrapped in cute and cartoony graphics. The player takes on the role of the Bee Queen, who must lead a column of worker bees to secure the hive’s sugary needs.

I used the framework Cocos2D which is a perfect framework for developing 2D games for iOS (this was before Sprite Kit).

Emily who is an excellent artist made all the graphics with a perfect mix of carton-style and brave new iPhone-style.

Here is the trailer for the game:


Links to App Store



I also made a brand new website for the game:


Great resources for Cocos2d


Ray Wenderlich

Learn and master Cocos2D

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